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Welch Construction has been the leading choice for those needing Clay Pavers throughout Brenham Texas thanks to our over 30 years of thorough experience developing exterior designs especially developed to go with your theme. Be certain to visit our gallery of accomplished Clay Pavers tasks around Brenham Texas that showcases the several ideal services Welch Construction could implement for your outdoor lifestyle requirements.

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Whatever your backyard lifestyle necessities might be, Welch Construction is constantly ready to take the extra step for any kind of task. Below is a full list of the Clay Pavers job we could execute for your needs throughout Brenham Texas:

  • Decorative Lanais and Pathways - We use concrete, cobble stones, in addition to clay and cement bricks.
  • Assorted Types of Restraining Walls – Finished wood stone, logs, interlocking stone natural stone and boulders, and fence systems constructed on concrete pads.
  • Woodwork - Stairs, decks, spans and walkways; various classes of arborsand gazebos; the coloration or refurbishment of barricades and courtyards; lake shore decks and piers; veranda upgrades for instance flowerpots, seats and railing; exterior property servicing, substitution, and augmentation of shiplap, trim, garages, and carports.
  • Fences - Work on different types of wooden outdoor barricades such as lattices, porch screens, animal, hog, and equine.
  • Drainage – Cut and fill and drain-off actions to cope with runoff; overflow covers and laying of channels; unique drains, such as trench and sub-surface; improving dry creek beds to tackle storm water overflowing.
  • Landscape - Various kinds of landscaping jobs like shrub removing, relocation, placing shrubbery, sprouts, and low-growing plants in addition to turfgrass leveling, cut and fill, sowing, and placing sod.

A resident the Brazos Valley for 40 years, the the person who owns Welch Construction knows the area as well as how to handle several Clay Pavers exterior projects in the above list. With over three decades of in-field knowledge, an agent with Welch Construction would consult with you in-person and review your outdoor construction preferences near Brenham Texas that could incorporate Clay Pavers. The consultation is free and shall include an approximate calculation of the price for your job.

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