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Welch Construction is the top pick for anybody looking for Construction near Brenham Texas due to our over 30 years of substantial knowledge creating backyard projects specifically constructed to enhance your theme. Be sure to to check out our collection of accomplished Construction tasks in Brenham Texas which exhibits the various sought after solutions Welch Construction could put into action for your outdoor way of living needs.

No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small!

Regardless of what your backyard life-style demands might be, Welch Construction is consistently happy to do more than needed for any project. Following is a thorough listing of the Construction job we would undertake for your needs around Brenham Texas:

  • Decorative Lanais and Paths - We deal with cement, cobble stones, along with natural rock and concrete paving stones.
  • Various Types of Restraining Walls – Finished wood natural stone, logs, dry stone natural rocks and over-sized rocks, and fence systems constructed on cement slabs.
  • Carpentry - Stairways, patios, bridges and walkways; assorted classes of arborsand gazebos; the staining or refurbishment of enclosures and lanai; lakefront boat docks and quays; courtyard improvements which include planters, seats and handrails; outdoors home fixing, replacement, and increasing of siding, roof edge covering, parking areas, and car stalls.
  • Fences - Construct various categories of wooden exterior barricades like trellises, screens, wild animal, hog, and horse.
  • Drainage – Leveling and drainage features to take care of runoff; drain coverings and installation of conduit; different outlets, such as trench and blind; improving arroyo creek beds to tackle rain water overflowing.
  • Gardening - Different types of landscaping jobs such as weed removing, re-potting, planting perennials, trees, and trailing plants and turfgrass evening out, gradation, sowing, and laying sod.

Residing in the Bryan-College Station area for 4 decades, the owner and manager of Welch Construction has knowledge in the area and how to tackle all of the Construction exterior assignments in the list above. With more than thirty years of practical knowledge, an associate from Welch Construction will consult with you in-person and discuss your external construction requirements around Brenham Texas which might contain Construction. The conference is with no cost and shall produce an estimation of the expense for your job.

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