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Welch Construction is the best option for people in search of Landscaping near Brenham Texas as a result of our greater than three decades of thorough knowledge preparing outdoor projects especially created to conform to your furnishings. Be certain to visit our library of completed Landscaping assignments throughout Brenham Texas which displays the various sought after solutions Welch Construction would implement for your backyard life-style necessities.

No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small!

Whatever your outdoor life-style requirements may be, Welch Construction is always willing to go the extra mile for every project. Here is a whole list of the Landscaping tasks we will undertake for you in Brenham Texas:

  • Decorative Courtyards and Walkways - We utilize cement, cobble stones, and natural rock and concrete tiles.
  • Numerous Types of Restraining Barriers – Wood natural stone, timber, dry-stacked natural rocks and boulders, and partition structures developed on concrete blocks.
  • Carpentry - Stairs, decks, footbridges and pathways; assorted categories of alcovesand gazebos; the staining or recovery of fencing and courtyards; lakefront boat docks and piers; veranda improvements which include flowerpots, benches and bannisters; outdoors home fixing, renewal, and addition of siding, roof edge covering, garages, and carports.
  • Fences - Create many categories of wood backyard fences like lattices, screens, wild animal, pig, and equine.
  • Run-Off – Cut and fill and drain-off actions to cope with runoff; overflow coverings and installation of channels; unique outlets, including trench and French; upgrading gully creek beds to manage flash flood runoff.
  • Landscape - Different types of landscape work such as weed removal, re-planting, planting shrubbery, saplings, and trailing plants and also lawn flattening, grading, plating seed, and laying sod.

Residing in the Brazos Valley for forty years, the owner and manager of Welch Construction knows the area as well as the way to deal with any Landscaping exterior tasks in the above list. With more than thirty years of in-field experience, an agent from Welch Construction will meet with you individually and go over your outside development preferences throughout Brenham Texas which will involve Landscaping. The conference will be without charge and shall produce an estimate of the expense for your work.

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