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Welch Construction is the best choice for anyone in search of Retaining Walls near Brenham Texas thanks to our over 30 years of extensive expertise creating outdoor creations uniquely constructed to match your theme. Make sure to look at our portfolio of accomplished Retaining Walls tasks near Brenham Texas that highlights the various needed solutions Welch Construction can put into action for your exterior way of living necessities.

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Regardless of what your exterior life-style necessities might be, Welch Construction is continuously willing to try harder for any project. Below is a thorough collection of the Retaining Walls effort we would do for your needs around Brenham Texas:

  • Decorative Porches and Pathways - We handle concrete, flagstone, and adobe and concrete tiles.
  • Various Kinds of Holding Structures – Finished wood natural stone, timber, interlocking stone natural rocks and over-sized rocks, and fence structures developed on concrete slabs.
  • Wood working - Steps, veranda, bridges and pathways; various kinds of alcovesand pavilions; the staining or renewal of fencing and courtyards; beside a lake boat decks and piers; lanai improvements for instance flowerbeds, benches and bannisters; outdoors property mend, replacement, and addition of shingles, roof edge covering, parking areas, and carports.
  • Barricades - Work on numerous categories of wooden exterior enclosures such as latticework, screens, wild animal, bovine, and horse.
  • Drain-Off – Land leveling and drain-off actions to manage overflow; overflow tops and laying of conduit; different drains, like trench and blind; upgrading dry stream beds to handle storm water flooding.
  • Landscaping - Assorted categories of horticulture jobs for instance vegetation removal, re-potting, placing shrubs, trees, and trailing plants and also backyard flattening, cut and fill, seeding, and placing sod.

A resident the Brazos Valley for forty years, the owner of Welch Construction knows about the neighborhood plus ways to handle any Retaining Walls exterior jobs as listed above. With over three decades of first-hand knowledge, a consultant from Welch Construction is able to talk with you personally and identify your external construction needs throughout Brenham Texas which could include Retaining Walls. The meeting will be with no cost and will include an approximate calculation of the expense for your job.

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