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Welch Construction is considered the best option for anyone looking for Trellises near Brenham Texas due to our more than three decades of thorough expertise developing exterior designs specially designed to complement your decor. Don't forget to check out our gallery of executed Trellises assignments near Brenham Texas that demonstrates the numerous required offerings Welch Construction can implement for your exterior living preferences.

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Whatever your outdoor life-style requirements could be, Welch Construction is consistently happy to do more than needed for any project. Following is a whole list of the Trellises effort we would implement for your needs throughout Brenham Texas:

  • Decorative Patios and Walkways - We manage cement, paving stones, as well as adobe and concrete tiles.
  • Various Types of Restraining Structures – Finished wood stone, lumber, interlocking stone natural stone and boulders, and wall systems constructed on cement blocks.
  • Woodwork - Stairs, lanai, footbridges and walkways; various types of arborsand pavilions; the staining or renovation of enclosures and patios; lakeside boat docks and piers; patio improvements such as flowerbeds, seats and railing; outside residence repair, renewal, and addition of shiplap, outside house embellishment, garages, and car stalls.
  • Fencing - Work on many categories of wood backyard barricades for instance trellises, screens, animal, hog, and horse.
  • Run-Off – Grading and drain-off features to deal with drainage; overflow tops and set up of channels; various drains, such as trench and blind; improving gully creek channels to manage storm water run-off.
  • Gardening - Different kinds of landscape tasks for instance plant removing, relocation, placing shrubbery, saplings, and low-growing plants as well as yard leveling, cut and fill, plating seed, and sodding.

A resident the Brazos Valley for 40 years, the owner and manager of Welch Construction knows about the neighborhood and how to deal with any of the Trellises outdoor jobs in the list above. With over 3 decades of practical experience, an associate from Welch Construction can consult with you in-person and go over your external development requirements in Brenham Texas that can include Trellises. The discussion will be without charge and will include a quote of the cost for your work.

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